Majestic's Master of Mystery

_____________________________________ 33/12/30 1 Phantom Spoilers 1 Majestic Radios and Tubes syndication. "The Phantom Spoilers". Sponsored by: Majestic Radios and Tubes. The start of a Middle East adventure with a double murder. The story is told mostly in narrative, all parts played by one man. Majestic, "The Mighty Monarch of the Air" offers a "sacred sandalwood swastika" premium. The program closing done was added locally. The date is approximate. Audio condition: Excellent. Otherwise complete. 34/01/06 2 Phantom Spoilers 2 - A disappearing corpse, a deceitful Frenchman. 34/01/13 3 Phantom Spoilers 3 - A mysterious woman is playing a man's game. Who is Randall Crawford? 34/01/20 4 Phantom Spoilers 4 - An amnesia case caused by Hashish, the veiled woman strikes again: Mayhem on the Arabian overboard! 34/01/27 5 Phantom Spoilers 5 - The magic amulet is returned, Randall Crawford appears to have killed the French detective. 34/02/03 6 Phantom Spoilers 6 - Crawford could not have been the murderer...then who? 34/02/10 7 Phantom Spoilers 7 - The conclusion of the story. The secret of the tomb is preserved for the Empire! _____________________________________