The Man in Black Collection

Between 1943 and 1955, BBC Radio produced one of its most famous horror series, "Appointment With Fear". It was presented by Valentine Dyall, an actor who had made his radio debut in 1936 as The Man In Black, a creepy raconteur who picked up news of the spooky bits of life. In sepulchral voice, he introduced the story, made comments afterwards and sometimes provided short narrative links. Unfortunately, only a few of those episodes exist. But now, The Man in Black has returned... ...A creepy raconteur, played by Mark Gatiss, introduces spooky tales.

E:\The Man in Black Collection ========================== Appointment With Fear - And The Deep Shuddered Appointment With Fear - Mr. Markham, Antique Dealer Appointment With Fear - The Pit And The Pendulum Appointment With Fear - xxxxxx - Morning Glory Appointment With Fear - xxxxxx - My Fate Cries Out Appointment With Fear - xxxxxx - The Clock Strikes Eight (J. D. Carr) Appointment With Fear - xxxxxx - The Speaking Clock (J. D. Carr) Man in Black - s01e01 - The Tower ******The creepy raconteur is back: Mark Gatiss introduces the story of Ro and Zee, who stumble into a world where time has stopped. Man in Black - s01e02 - Project Purple ******Another chilling tale as a neuroscientist tries to revive the victim of a dubious experiment Man in Black - s01e03 - The White Hare ******a couple move to the country and find it far from peaceful. With Mark Gatiss and Tom Goodman-Hill. Man in Black - s01e04 - Hide and Seek ******A medical trial for hypnosis unlocks unexpectedly terrifying forces. With Mark Gatiss, Abigail Hollick and Joseph Millson. Man In Black - s01e05 - Bomber's Moon ******A horrifying tale of something evil stalking four stranded soldiers in Afghanistan. Man in Black - s02e01 - Phish Phood ******A nasty little drama with bite by horror maestro Kim Newman. Stars John Rowe. Man in Black - s02e02 - Death Us Do Part ******Mike Bartlett's chilling tale of a man getting ready to pop the question. Man in Black - s02e03 - Flesh ******Tom Morton-Smith's chilling tale of a virus-swept town, with a rising death toll. Man in Black - s02e04 - Angels in Disguise ******Mark Gatiss introduces Nicola Jones' strange tale of an imaginary friend. Stars Auriol Smith and Rachel Atkins. Man in Black - s02e05 - The Old Road ******Mark Gatiss introduces Penelope Skinner's chilling tale of a young woman's terror on an ancient road. Stars Laura Molyneux. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Total 0 folder(s); 17 file(s) Total files size: 111 MB; 111427 KB; 114101447 Bytes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^