Matinee Theater

_____________________________________ (A Victor Jory series) 44/10/22 1 Wuthering Heights - Romance on the moors once again. 44/10/29 2 Beloved Enemy - The story of Dennis Reardon, an Irish patriot during the 1921 uprising, who also loved an English woman. 44/11/05 3 My Favorite Wife - When a man's shipwrecked wife returns from the "dead," he finds himself married to two adjoining hotel suites! 44/11/12 4 Penny Serenade - The tearful melodrama of dead babies and a failed marriage. It's still as satisfying as ever. 44/11/19 5 Scarlet Pimpernel - The Pimpernel continues his efforts to rescue the innocent from the guillotine. 44/11/26 6 Mr and Mrs Smith - A young couple discovers "the course of true love never runs smooth" and that "the first one hundred years are the hardest." 44/12/03 7 Jane Eyre - Rochester and Jane finally find happiness. The last fifteen seconds of the program have been deleted. 44/12/10 8 Hold Back the Dawn - A European refugee uses his charm on a lonely school teacher to gain admittance into the United States. 44/12/17 9 Elizabeth the Queen - The love and wars of Elizabeth and Essex. 44/12/2410 A Stable in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - A "modern miracle play." 45/01/0712 Random Harvest - A British veteran with amnesia finds romance and a new life as a writer. 45/01/1413 Smilin' Through - An Irish love that goes beyond death. 45/01/2114 Rebecca - A second mistress comes to the estate of Mr. De Winter, only to find the mark of his first wife Rebecca on everything. 45/01/2815 Beautiful Dreamer - A biography of Stephen Foster. 45/02/1117 Reap the Wild Wind - Nineteenth century salvage in the Florida Keys, and passion under the sun. 45/02/1818 Intermezzo - A romance between a famous violinist and his accompanist, even though he's married! 45/02/2519 The Highwayman - A dramatization of the famous poem about a bandit and his lover. 45/03/1121 Rendevous at Mayerling - A royal romance in old Vienna, with a tragic consequence. 45/03/1822 The Pirate of Orleans - The loves of Jean Lafitte, the romantic pirate of old New Orleans. 45/03/2523 Till We Meet Again - A French Sister finds herself drawn into the battle against the occupying Nazis. 45/04/0124 Love Story of Elizabeth Barrett And Robert Browning - 45/04/0825 A Man Named Jones - The romance of John Paul Jones and a beautiful woman at the court of Catharine The Great of Russia. _____________________________________