Matthew Slade, Private Investigator

_____________________________________ 49/10/08 Incredible Dr Lintz - 594. Matthew Slade, Private Investigator. KPFA, Berkeley, California. "Incredible Dr. Lintz". Sustaining. A contemporary mystery show by the KPFK players (Pacifica Radio). . 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. xx/xx/xx 1 A Sweet Scent of Mystery - A woman's perfume and the smell of murder. xx/xx/xx 5 Find Julie Rayton - Who killed Julie? Not even her dentist knows for sure! xx/xx/xx 6 Passage to Tangiers - Good story of a treasure hunt into the Moroccan desert. xx/xx/xx 7 Pattern for a Frame - Matt is accused of murder...and the cops have an airtight case! xx/xx/xx 9 The Case of Murder - One of Slade's old clients has been killed "accidentally", yet his wife asks Slade to help get rid of the body! xx/xx/xx 10 The Secret Grey Man - A Korean War secret vow among four men leads to death near-death in the "Glass House" and a sinking yacht. xx/xx/xx 11 Who Killed My Pen Pal? - Meet Polly Smith...a professional weirdo with $20 million. _____________________________________