MGM Theater of the Air

_____________________________________ 49/11/18 6 Citadel - (A. J. Cronin (author), Fredric March, Florence Eldridge) A doctor in the English coal fields forgets his ideals as a doctor to become rich. He later tires to find those ideals again. 49/12/09 9 Anna Karenina - (Fyodor Dostoyevsky (author), Marlene Dietrich, Arnold Moss) Love and heartbreak in old Russia. 50/01/20 15 Slightly Dangerous - (Celeste Holm, Carl Eastman, Edgar Stehli) A well done adaptation of the comedy about a small town girl who becomes a long lost heiress. 50/01/27 16 Riptide - (Madeleine Carroll, Carl Frank, Ivor Francis) A love story about a jealous English nobleman and his wronged wife. 50/02/03 17 Stablemates - (Mickey Rooney, Parker Fennelly, Agnes Young) A young boy with a love for horses, a grizzled old vet with a taste for booze, a race horse with a chance for the big time, and a liberal dose of schmaltz. 50/02/24 20 Come Live with Me - (Peter Lawford) 50/08/11 42 Stamboul Quest - (Angela Lansbury, Ken Lynch, Anne Seymour) A good spy romance about the infamous "Fraulein Doktor," double agent for the Nazis. _____________________________________