More Children's Stories

_____________________________________ Alan Livingston - Bozo and his Rocket Ship.mp3 Alan Reed - Santas Kewtee Bear.mp3 Claude Rains - Moses in the Bulrushes.mp3 Ed Colmans - Samson and the Lion.mp3 Frank Luther- Sleep Baby Sleep.mp3 Gene Autry - Rusty the Rocking Horse.mp3 Norman Cordon - Uncle Remus Stories.mp3 Norman Rose - Train to the Zoo.mp3 St Margarets All Boys Choir - Silent Night.mp3 Thorne Thomsen Gudrun - The Sheep and the Pig.mp3
Lumpy Brannum - Little Orley's Big Concert.mp3 Milton Cross - The Night Before Christmas.mp3 Molly Bee - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.mp3 Basil Rathbone - A Christmas Carol.mp3