Murder By Experts

_____________________________________ John Dickson Carr hosts "Murder by Experts". The series won the Edgar Allen Poe award as the best mystery series of 1949. 49/06/13 1 Summer Heat - A newly graduated lawyer awakes with a dead body in bed and has a very difficult time getting rid of that body! 49/07/04 4 Two Coffins To Fill - The story of a man who decides to kill his rich wife, but all his plans backfire. 49/07/11 5 Prescription for Murder 49/07/18 6 The Creeper - A suspense story about a mad killer who strangles his red-headed victims. 49/07/25 7 The Big Money 49/08/08 9 The Dark Island - A woman marries a writer when he rents a cottage on a lonely island owned by her father. Is he really, "The Scalpel Killer?" 49/08/15 10 Dig Your Own Grave - A woman becomes "the seed" to promote her husband's romance with another woman. Then, she gives him the idea to commit murder. 49/08/29 12 It's Luck That Counts - A woman's been killed and her $75,000 has been stolen. A vagrant finds himself with the claim check for a fortune. 49/09/05 13 Return Trip - The chilling story about an escaped homicidal maniac and a bus full of people trapped by an avalanche. 49/09/12 14 I Dreamt I Died - Mrs. Kraft dreams that her husband is killing her with a pillow. This turns out to be a vivid and prophetic dream. 49/09/26 16 The Unseeing Witness - Duval, the owner of "The Pelican Club" has been murdered. Johnny and "The Duchess" attempt to solve a locked room mystery. "Melvin The Muscle," serving the champagne, was the last to see Duval alive. 49/12/26 29 Case of the Missing Mind - A comedy about a Broadway character being driven mad by "Mr. Aladdin." 50/04/17 45 Two Can Die as Cheaply as One - An $80,000 bracelet falling through the roof of a cab leads detective Johnny Duke on a comic-murder thriller. 50/04/24 46 Conspiracy - A man decides to murder an old girlfriend right in the middle of a flood, and use the water to cover the deed. Listen for the surprise ending. Lawrence G. Blochman, Vice President of "The Mystery Writer Of America," presents the Edgar Allan Poe Award for the best radio mystery program of 1949 to Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan. David Kogen accepts the award and makes a speech of thanks. 50/05/22 50 Three's a Crowd - A young piano player becomes involved with a beautiful but evil woman. 51/01/22 83 Solo Performance _____________________________________