Murder Clinic

_____________________________________ 42/08/11 4 The Governor of Cap Haitian 1616. Murder Clinic. August 11, 1942. Mutual net. "The Governor Cape Haitian". Sustaining. A series of mysteries with a different detective appearing each week. Professor Henry Poggioli solves the case. . 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. 42/08/18 5 The Holloway Flat Tragedy 1617. Murder Clinic. August 18, 1942. Mutual net. "The Hallway Flat Tragedy". Sustaining. Max Carrados (the blind sleuth) solves a case in which those who have eyes see nothing. Ernest Bramah (creator), Alfred Shirley, Horace Braham, Ralph Barnhart (composer), Robert Stanley (conductor), John A. Bassett (adaptor), Lee Wright (adaptor), Alvin Flanagan (director), Frank Knight (announcer). 27:31. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete. 42/09/22 10 The Scrap Of Lace 1618. Murder Clinic. September 22, 1942. Mutual net. "A Scrap Of Lace". Sustaining. A handkerchief is the clue for detective Rosita Story. Elizabeth Morgan, Frank Knight (announcer). 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. 42/09/29 11 Death In The Dressing Room 268. Murder Clinic. September 29, 1942. Mutual net. "Death In The Dressing Room". Sustaining. A series dealing with the exploits of famous detectives. The program is interrupted for an air-raid alert test. Sir Henry M. Merryvale of Scotland Yard solves a murder at the Orient Club. Francine Rapport is found knifed to death, as she is doing a Javanese Temple dance on stage! Alvin Flanagan (director), Frank Knight (announcer), John A. Bassett (adaptor), Lee Wright (adaptor), Ralph Barnhart (composer), Robert Stanley (writer), Roland Winters. 29:49. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete. 42/10/06 12 The Tragedy At Marsden Manor 1619. Murder Clinic. October 6, 1942. Mutual net. "The Tragedy Of Marsden Manor". Sustaining. When the Lord of Marsden Manor is found shot in the mouth and bleeding to death, the mystery is solved by Hercule Poirot. Pay attention to the shoes of the corpse! Agatha Christie (author), Ralph Barnhart (composer), Robert Stanley (conductor), Lee Wright (adaptor), John A. Bassett (adaptor), Alvin Flanagan (director), Frank Knight (announcer), Maurice Tarplin. 29:32. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. 42/10/13 13 Gulfstream Green 447. Murder Clinic. October 13, 1942. Mutual net. "Gulfstream Green". Sustaining. Police Deputy Parr, "The Man With A Nose For Murder," tackles a case involving a famous opera star who hires a girl to impersonate her. The impersonator is soon found murdered. Alvin Flanagan (director), Frank Knight (announcer: Longines Watches), Frederick Irving Anderson (author), John A. Bassett (adaptor), Lee Wright (adaptor), Mark Smith (editor), Ralph Barnhart (composer), Robert Stanley (writer). 29:37. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. _____________________________________