Mystery House

_____________________________________ A series about "the strange publishing house owned by Dan and Barbara Glenn, where each new novel is acted out by the "Mystery House" staff before it is accepted for publication." 44/07/03 The Thirsty Death - A horror tale of mad dogs and a jealous husband. (Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Lurene Tuttle) 45/08/19 New Lease On Death - 45/08/26 Death at Deadline 45/09/16 Complete with Quartet - The price for this funeral service is quoted, "Complete With Quartet." One of the performers thinks he's Peter Lorre. 45/11/04 Murder for Laughs (barely audible) 46/01/27 Nothing but the Proof 46/03/31 Death Passed My Window xx/xx/xx A Case of Homicide - A murder in a busy factory. xx/xx/xx A Short Life for Mary xx/xx/xx Danger Man at Bay xx/xx/xx Death House Blues - An unusual story in which you never see or hear the hero of the story...and he's very definitely the hero. The story takes place in one room...the office of the governor! xx/xx/xx Death in the Saddle - "A story about the wild and wooly west, where men are men and murders are plum mysterious." xx/xx/xx Malice in Wonderland - A story about circus side-show freaks. xx/xx/xx Murder in Paradise xx/xx/xx Sauce for the Goose - xx/xx/xx Well, Well Another Body - A body has been found in a front yard, by Mr. Richauver. He finds them all the time! _____________________________________