The Mystery Playhouse

_____________________________________ 43/07/05 10 Nero Wolfe - Last Laugh Murder 44/04/11 8 Molle Mystery Theater - Criminal At Large - A chilling story about a mad strangler. Peter Lorre (host) 44/04/25 6 Creeps By Night - Those Who Walk In Darkness 44/07/25 23 Molle Mystery Theater - Fifty Candles by Earl Derr Biggers - A ruthless businessman has been stabbed, leaving five obvious suspects. Whodunnit? Howard Duff (AFRS announcer) 44/08/02 Mr And Mrs North - Pam Goes It Alone 44/08/09 47 Mr And Mrs North - Pam Solves It 44/10/06 40 The Thin Man - Nora's Night Out - Nora has been drugged and used as a murder alibi. 44/11/28 50 Molle Mystery Theater - Nightmare 44/12/05 53 Molle Mystery Theater - A Crime To Fit The Punishment - An antique dealer and amateur sleuth solves a case of blackmail and murder. Peter Lorre (host), Bud Collyer. 44/12/12 57 Molle Mystery Theater - The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson - Peter Lorre (AFRS host) 44/12/26 60 Molle Mystery Theater - The Letter by Somerset Maugham - Peter Lorre (AFRS host) 45/01/30 Molle Mystery - Deadline at Dawn - A boy and a girl from a small town meet in the big town, fall in love, and must solve a murder in four hours to achieve happiness. Bernard Lenrow (as host "Geoffrey Barnes"). 45/02/27 82 Molle Mystery Theater - Yours Truly Jack the Ripper 45/05/15 Molle Mystery Theater - Lady in the Morgue 45/07/22 126 Nick Carter - The Alphabet Club 45/10/05 129 Molle Mystery Theater - Angel Face - A sweet baby doll gets a surprise when the latest victim she just buried alive returns from the grave. 45/10/12 134 Molle Mystery Theater - A Death is Caused - A woman plans to kill her husband (who is morbidly afraid of snakes) by frightening him to death. _____________________________________