NBC Short Story

_____________________________________ 51/02/28 2 Mr Arcularis by Conrad Aiken - (John Dehner, Georgia Ellis, Tom McKee) 51/03/07 3 Crazy Sunday by F. Scott Fitxgerald - (Larry Dobkin, Lynne Whitney) 51/03/14 4 The Lottery by Shirley Jackson - (Charles Seale, Gail Bonney) 51/03/28 5 Shadow of Evil - (Wally Maher, Earl Lee, Nestor Paiva) 51/04/04 6 Honor by William Faukner - (Paul Frees, Helen Andrews) 51/04/18 7 Beautiful Summer in Newport by Felicia Geshiska 51/04/25 8 I Want to Know Why & I'm a Fool by Sherwood Anderson 51/05/25 12 The Piano 52/01/04 26 The Rocket by Ray Bradbury 52/02/22 32 The Windfall 52/05/16 39 Scuttlebutt by James Michener 52/05/23 40 De Mortious by John Collier xx/xx/xx A Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe xx/xx/xx Bell Tower Of Bonadonna by Edgar Allan Poe xx/xx/xx Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson xx/xx/xx The Fall Of The House Of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe xx/xx/xx The Oblong Box by Edgar Allan Poe xx/xx/xx The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe xx/xx/xx Thing In The Tunnel (based on 'The Signal Man' by Charles Dickens) _____________________________________