Nick Harris, Detective

_____________________________________ The program is also known as, "The Detective Nick Harris." "Proving to the youth of today, the folly of committing crime." Nick is the "internationally famous Los Angeles criminologist and chief of the detective agency bearing his name." Referred to as "A Salute To The Law," the program actually features Nick Harris! 34/02/07 The Avenging Angel Strikes - Jimmy Norton calls Nick's office to ask for help getting his father back. He's been kidnaped! A woman is beaten up and then Jimmy's mother disappears! 34/02/14 The Avenging Angel Strikes Again - Jimmy's mother admits to having beaten up Cora Lee. The conclusion of the case. 38/07/01 The Young Shoplifter - Part 1 - The career of a young girl who got started down the wrong path in life. Nick is hired to get the goods on a store cashier suspected of stealing merchandise from the store. 38/07/08 The Young Shoplifter - Part 2 - The criminal career of Pearl LeShay continues with the theft of a $500 wedding gown, addiction to dope (ten-cent bottles of paregoric!), and suicide as a cocaine addict! 38/07/15 Fatal Ace of Spades - Who killed John Atwood? A certain playing card provides the clue. 38/07/22 Drops Of Blood - When a woman is killed by a shotgun blast, the important clue is found in the clothes closet! 38/11/06 Murder in a Hospital - Hospital patients are dying mysteriously, for profit! 39/05/23 A Woman's Wrath - A baby burns to death and the mother is the prime suspect! 39/05/30 The Altar of Sacrifice - Nick is identified as the president of "The International Secret Service Association." An interesting story about a series of strange flower shop robberies, and the unusual motive for them. 39/06/27 Murder on Impulse - A girl is found stabbed to death in a lover's lane. The killer struck her down for an unusual reason. 39/07/04 On The Stroke Of Eight - A bomb kills a wealthy man at exactly 8:00 P. M. Suki, the Japanese houseboy, provides the necessary clue...because of his honesty! 40/03/17 The Law In Action - An ordinary case of purse snatching traps a murderer from San Diego! 40/04/07 The Female Ogre - Ruth Cooper murders her husband, then starts a hog ranch and murders many more husbands! _____________________________________