Night Editor

_____________________________________ 45/xx/xx 2 Lightning Strikes Twice - Who said lightning doesn't strike twice? A hobo finds an easy stick-up turning to murder. 45/xx/xx 4 Important Trifle - A "Slats and Tim" story. A picnic in the Philippine hills turns into an encounter with the Japs! 45/xx/xx 5 Appointment with Mr. Big - A former prisoner of the Japs returns home after three years, minus one leg. There's an important interview awaiting him back home. 45/xx/xx 6 Pass the Peanuts - The story of a thief caught by a bowl of nuts. Hal Burdick (all voices). 45/xx/xx 7 Schedule Subject to Change - The story about a woman who prepared a chicken dinner for a man, with surprising results! 45/xx/xx 8 Big Day Tomorrow - A retired doctor answers an emergency call, despite his own weariness. 45/xx/xx 9 On the Dotted Line - A crook meets a wealthy heir on the highway and hatches a plan to keep himself on easy street. 45/xx/xx 10 No Stone Unturned - A spy is operating out of a nightclub. Careful spadework is needed to find out how he's passing the information on to the Japs. 45/xx/xx 10 Point of Honor - An engineer building a jungle bridge has trouble with his crew...and a tiger! xx/xx/xx 12 Lucky Day - A young man gets a new job and meets his old girlfriend on his lucky day...despite his being an ex-convict! xx/xx/xx 13 Yesterday's Glory - A Nazi prisoner camp administrator comes up with an unusual plan to escape detection and punishment. xx/xx/xx 16 Desert Justice - A Nazi prisoner camp administrator comes up with an unusual plan to escape detection and punishment. xx/xx/xx 22 Care of Postmistress Clara - A man about to go to prison arranges with the postmistress to forward letters to his love. xx/xx/xx 23 The Law's Delay - An old law and a rickety bridge help save a home from the town miser. xx/xx/xx 24 Time Saver - A young Irish cop seeks revenge on the gangster that killed his dad. xx/xx/xx 25 Adrian Sets a Trap - How to prove a "deaf" murderer can really hear... and not with sudden noises! xx/xx/xx 26 Reflection - A nurse and a soldier meet after the war, with a breaking heart for one of them. xx/xx/xx 27 Smoke Rings - A booby-trapped box of cigars finds its correct target. xx/xx/xx 28 Autumn Fever - An old man goes for a walk in the park... with unusual results. xx/xx/xx 29 For Later Delivery - A father's letter to his excellent tear-jerker. Well done of this kind. xx/xx/xx 30 Boomerangs Do Come Back - An Australian toy returns when thrown, but in a roundabout way. xx/xx/xx 31 Homecoming for Two - A hated college professor has a visitor on Home-coming Day...from an old student with a score to settle. xx/xx/xx 32 Strange Judgement - A murderer in hiding develops one terrible thirst. xx/xx/xx 33 In a Manner of Speaking - A sailor being held at gunpoint finds a new way to get his message across. xx/xx/xx 34 Deep Roots - A young man returns home from the war determined to leave the family home far behind. xx/xx/xx 35 One in a Thousand - Who killed the mayor? A reporter narrows the choice way down. _____________________________________