_____________________________________ xx/xx/xx 1 A Question of Personality - A detective, recovering from a nervous breakdown, is advised not to return to the police force. He does, and ends up killing the Chief of Police! He's then assigned to solved the murder! William Conrad xx/xx/xx 2 A Summer Evening xx/xx/xx 3 Clinging Hate - A hot-headed pilot seems to have life and romance under control, until his kid brother is killed in an aviation accident. William Gargan, Howard McNear. xx/xx/xx 4 Paranoia (Vincent Price) xx/xx/xx 5 Cousin Charley - A greedy couple decides to kill rich but eccentric cousin Charley. Bonita Granville. xx/xx/xx 6 Cry Vengeance - Two bad guys in the Belgian Congo kill a kindly old Dutchman whom everyone likes...especially the animals! Barton Yarborough, Michael Raffetto. xx/xx/xx 7 David And Laura - A woman's husband dies under strange circumstances. She returns to their home town to bury him and discovers how he really died. Miriam Hopkins. xx/xx/xx 8 Ebb Tide - When a doctor loses a patient, he chucks his practice and his wife to head for the South Seas and a bottle. Gale Page, Elliott Lewis xx/xx/xx 9 Faith Is The Evidence - A hobo who is staying with a kindly minister doesn't think too much of "blessed are the meek" as a philosophy. He gets a chance to deliver his own sermon! Barry Sullivan. xx/xx/xx 10 Hunting Party - A woman seems to be going mad after she accidentally shoots her husband during a hunting accident. John Loder. xx/xx/xx 11 Kiss Of Kismet xx/xx/xx 12 Napoleon Bonaparte - A biography of the little colonel with the big obsession. xx/xx/xx 13 North Wind - A gruff sailor is accused of murder. His new lover overcomes her fear of the sea to go to him. Jane Wyatt xx/xx/xx 14 On The Wild Sea - An envious sister murders her newly widowed-but-very-wealthy sister. She then drowns her own husband for good measure! Evelyn Ankers. xx/xx/xx 15 Raised From The Dead (Mary Anders) xx/xx/xx 16 The Silver Cord - Sarah is planning to leave her controling old grandmother. However, Granny tells her the "truth" about Uncle Robert. Hillary Brooke. xx/xx/xx 17 Solitary Genius - The story of Poe's inspiration to write, "The Raven." A visit to Roderick Usher xx/xx/xx 18 Surrender Is Farewell xx/xx/xx 19 Ted Brandon's Old House - A gangster inherits Ted Brandon's house, and seemingly a woman to go along with it! But then, Uncle Caleb comes to visit. Brenda Marshall. xx/xx/xx 22 The Hangman _____________________________________