On Stage

53/01/01 1 The String Bow Tie - The first show of the series. The handsome man in the subway ad. Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis, Sheldon Leonard, Mary Jane Croft. 53/01/29 5 Public Furlough - A bittersweet and brief romance between an army corporal and a movie star. Antony Ellis (performer, writer), Byron Kane, Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis 53/02/19 8 Four Meetings by Henry James - An innocent American school teacher finally visits Europe and is victimized by her cousin, departing after only thirteen hours! Elliott Lewis 53/02/26 9 A Fifth of Tears - A good story about an undercover policewoman trying to get evidence on a skid row bar thought to be employing "B-Girls," and a juvenile one at that! Barbara Whiting, Bob Sweeney 53/03/12 10 Call Me a Cab - A good love story about a lonely girl who takes a cab ride in the park. Beautiful daydreams. Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis 53/03/19 11 Eddie - An insane young man makes a "date" with a girl, despite a definite lack of interest on the part of the girl. Good radio! Cathy Lewis, Clayton Post 53/03/26 12 Dig, the Thief - A comedy about a carefree fraud who poses as a dishonest archeologist. Cathy Lewis 53/04/09 14 The Bunch of Violets - Cathy Lewis plays three different parts, wife, mother, secretary. A light comedy. Byron Kane, Cathy Lewis, Charlotte Lawrence 53/05/07 18 The Bear by Anton Chekhov - A western version of the classic short story, "The Boor." 53/05/14 19 Statement of Fact - A good story about an ambitious district attorney and his interview with a woman who has just murdered her husband with a hatchet. Byron Kane, Cathy Lewis 53/06/18 24 An Ideal Couple - The sad story of a seemingly happy marriage, told through the medium of a radio game show. Good radio writing! Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis 53/07/23 29 The Fling - A man with an invalid wife is tempted to have an affair with another, healthier woman. 53/11/18 44 A Circle of Wheels - A married couple both discover that they have little wheels growing inside their livers! An imaginative story. Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis, Whitfield Connor. 53/12/16 48 Candide by Voltaire - Candide and Dr. Pangloss discover that it is indeed the best of all possible worlds. Ben Wright, Byron Kane, Cathy Lewis _____________________________________