Orbit One Zero

_____________________________________ ORBIT ONE ZERO was a science fiction radio drama, in six 30-minute parts, presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The plot involves the search for a source of gamma radiation in space and the discovery of a mysterious cylinder on a remote island. The cylinder quickly takes center stage but a connection to the radiation source becomes important to the final resolution of the story. Besides being a good listen, it's interesting to listen to a radio drama produced outside the US, in a time when all US radio series were disappearing from the airwaves. With the exception of overly dramatic music bridges and slightly predictable theme, it's well acted and produced. 61/04/21 1 The Unseeing Eye 61/04/28 2 The Cylinder 61/05/05 3 The Power 61/05/12 4 The Voices 61/05/19 5 The Frozen World 61/05/26 6 The Unseen ____________________________________