Order In The Court

_____________________________________ Stories of romance and mystery told through courtroom flashback. 53/02/05 3 Man's faith and love for his crippled second wife and son are being poisoned by his grandmother. 53/02/12 4 Young girl marries an older man, who turns out to be not as rich as she thought. 53/02/19 5 The Case Of Thomas Patterson - A boy who was born as his mother died, defies the wishes of his sea-captain father, and becomes a sailor. 53/02/26 6 The Case of the Three Musketeers - A girl and two boys grow up as, "The Three Musketeers." She marries one of the boys, but the wrong one! 53/03/05 7 The Case Of Young Mr Rutherford - A young man runs away after killing his step-father in self-defense. Years later he finds out that his mother took the blame for him and went to prison! 53/03/12 8 Young man falls in love with a married woman whose husband is found dead. 53/03/19 9 The Case Of Mrs Manning - A woman finds out that she married a murderer. After he dies, she discovers she can't trust any men, or even her own feelings. 53/03/26 10 The Case Of The Unfaithful Wife - A hard-working man suspects that his wife is going out with her rich boss. 53/06/25 25 The Case of Miss Brent - A poor girl makes good but falls for a heel who takes advantage of her. 53/07/02 26 The Case of James Evans - A man marries a selfish woman who dislikes children and deserts him after they adopt a little boy. _____________________________________