_____________________________________ xx/xx/xx 1 A Cup of Tea - Young wife plus invalid husband equal murder. xx/xx/xx 3 Assassins - A good story about a Nazi prison warden asked to supervise the running of a concentration camp. xx/xx/xx 4 Assignment in the Dark - A mad, savage killer murders a woman every nine days. Many of the voices on this series have British accents. xx/xx/xx 5 Curse of Ramses - A suspense-horror story. Three archeologists discover the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. xx/xx/xx 6 Dark Desperation xx/xx/xx 7 Darkness Within xx/xx/xx 8 Desperate Tuesday - Two kidnappers take over a suburban home, but are foiled by a game of Scrabble. xx/xx/xx 9 Escape To Eternity - An army team lands on a Jap-held island during the war, with orders to free a captured U. S. General, or kill him.... within 15 minutes! xx/xx/xx 10 Flight To Nowhere xx/xx/xx 11 Killer xx/xx/xx 12 Last Man - A gun slinger comes to town to kill the Marshal, and he does just that! xx/xx/xx 13 Lucky Lady - Four famous actresses receive an invitation to and then are locked in a deserted house. They are then murdered, one at a time. xx/xx/xx 14 Man Against the City - A test tube filled with the "Purple Plague" is broken by two scientists. One of the scientists breaks quarantine and threatens the entire city. xx/xx/xx 15 Mask of Hate xx/xx/xx 16 One Life For Three xx/xx/xx 17 Sanctuary xx/xx/xx 18 Showdown xx/xx/xx 19 Sidewalk Empire xx/xx/xx 20 Squeeze Play xx/xx/xx 21 The Diary xx/xx/xx 22 The Experiment - A complicated horror tale of the eternal triangle, revenge, madness, etc. xx/xx/xx 23 The Gamble xx/xx/xx 26 Three Hunted Men xx/xx/xx 27 Undivided xx/xx/xx 28 Wheelchair _____________________________________