Phyl Coe Mysteries

_____________________________________ 37/09/07 1 The Dead Magician - An interesting concept, announced as syndicated on two hundred and forty stations. Phyllis Coe ("Phyl-Coe"), solves a murder case on each show. She reveals who the killer is, but not how she discovered who was the guilty one. The listener obtains an entry blank at Philco dealers and submits his theories as to why Phyl Coe accused the killer of his crime. $50,000 in prizes are awarded to those listeners who solve the most "mysteries." Phyllis finds the killer of the magician. Bud Collyer plays her boyfriend and sidekick. 37/09/14 2 Missing Masterpiece - A famous Vermeer has been stolen from the museum, three artists are the suspects. Whodunnit? 37/09/21 3 Mystery Of The Death Ray Tube - A scientist has invented a working death ray but it's been stolen during the night. How did Phyl Coe uncover the thief and murderer? 37/09/28 4 Murder In The Sky - A murderer strikes on a airliner carrying six passengers, high in the sky. Phyl Coe brings the killer to earth. 37/10/05 5 Death Boards The Sea Serpent - Murder on the high seas, Phyl Coe solves the briny crime. 37/10/12 6 Double X Mystery - There's been a murder in a hospital, and the "Faith" diamond is missing! Phyl Coe knows the prescription to solve the case. 37/10/19 7 Last Will and Testament - An invalid is murdered after announcing his intention to change his will. His assembled relatives are the suspects. 37/10/26 8 Stolen Sables - $150,000 worth of fur coats has been stolen. Phyl Coe finds the thief with the help of her trusty Philco radio! 37/11/02 9 Who Murdered Sen Floyd? - Who killed the Senator aboard the Pullman car? Phyl Coe is on the right track. 37/11/09 10 Laughing Ghost - This ghost also kills, when he's not a ventriloquist's traveling voice! 37/11/16 11 The Fallen Star - A famous actress is killed at a swank party. Phyl Coe's deductions spell curtains for the killer. 37/11/23 12 Jagged Rock Mystery - Phyl Coe solves a murder at Canadian ski resort, and breaks up a dope smuggling ring too! _____________________________________