The Planet Man

_____________________________________ Dantro is a trouble-shooter for the League Of Planets Organiztion ("The law enforcement body for peace and justice in the celestial world").. The first rocket from Earth gets trapped in a lunar orbit and is rescued by Dantro. He takes the passengers to Planeria Rex but on the way (in episode three) runs into a swarm of meteors. 50/xx/xx 2 Orbit the Moon 50/xx/xx 3 Cosmic Communicator 50/xx/xx 5 Marston to Attack Earth 50/xx/xx 6 Discussing Marston 50/xx/xx 7 Kidnapping Order 50/xx/xx 8 Billy and Jane Need Help 50/xx/xx 9 Hoping for a Miracle 50/xx/xx 10 Billy and Jane in Ship 50/xx/xx 11 Three D Dantro 50/xx/xx 12 Marston Dead 50/xx/xx 13 On a Scout Ship 50/xx/xx 14 Preparing to Blast Off 50/xx/xx 15 Discussing Venus 50/xx/xx 16 Captured by the Dusters 50/xx/xx 17 Captives on Venus 50/xx/xx 18 Back to the Prison Cell 50/xx/xx 19 Dantro, Help Us 50/xx/xx 20 Plot to Destroy Venus 50/xx/xx 21 Venus Minister - Traitor 50/xx/xx 22 Encounter with Pirates 50/xx/xx 23 Pirates Attack Dantro 50/xx/xx 24 Alarm Alerts Pirates 50/xx/xx 25 Slick and Blackie 50/xx/xx 26 An Ancient Space Ship 50/xx/xx 27 Searching for Asteroid 50/xx/xx 28 Trying to Find Dantro 50/xx/xx 29 Searching for Planeteer 50/xx/xx 30 Planeteer Spotted 50/xx/xx 31 Prospector Finds Billy 50/xx/xx 32 Uranium on Asteroid 50/xx/xx 33 Surrounded by Mines 50/xx/xx 34 Where's the Kids 50/xx/xx 35 Judge's Problem 50/xx/xx 36 Strange Goings On 50/xx/xx 37 Dantro Controlled 50/xx/xx 38 Slat Is Fed Up 50/xx/xx 39 Slats Tricks Dantro 50/xx/xx 40 Marston Has Communicator 50/xx/xx 41 Marston's Spy Ring 50/xx/xx 42 Hunt for the Ancients 50/xx/xx 43 Encountering New Race 50/xx/xx 44 Sun and Toor Watching 50/xx/xx 45 Beings from Libra 50/xx/xx 46 Sulfur Breather Being 50/xx/xx 47 Must Obey Zen 50/xx/xx 48 Klee Will Use Dantro 50/xx/xx 49 Astrodrive Broken 50/xx/xx 50 Slats Suspicious _____________________________________