Police Headquarters

_____________________________________ POLICE HEADQUARTERS was a syndicated anthology series that aired on NBC stations in 1932. The series consists of 39 15-minutes shows. An interesting example of shows of the early thirties, this series set a pattern that can be seen later in the police series of the 40's and 50's, like DRAGNET. Unlike many of the syndicated series of the period, each show is a complete story. As you can imagine, detailing and solving the case in 12 to 15 minutes and still make each story interesting is a bit of a challange. For the most part, the shows manage this fine. Just don't expect intricate plots or surprise endings. For those who enjoy a sense of history, POLICE HEADQUARTERS offers an interesting view of police work in its time period. You'll hear comments about rubber hose, cases of entrapment, use of stereotypes that were common of the day. All in all, an enjoyable listen. 32/xx/xx 1 Red Dugan Murder 32/xx/xx 2 Laundry Trucknapping 32/xx/xx 3 The Warehouse Job 32/xx/xx 4 James Davis Killed 32/xx/xx 5 Track Five aka Antonio Morretti 32/xx/xx 6 Double Death aka Knifing of Jake Miller 32/xx/xx 7 Payroll Robbery 32/xx/xx 8 Helen Marsh Killed 32/xx/xx 9 Dope aka Tommy Wood Killed 32/xx/xx 10 Life Insurance Scheme 32/xx/xx 11 Blackmail aka Wagner Hotel Murder 32/xx/xx 12 Forgery aka Phoney Payroll Check 32/xx/xx 13 Danny aka Isaac Nathan Dead 32/xx/xx 14 McKenzie Death 32/xx/xx 15 No Arrest aka Man Stealing Food 32/xx/xx 16 Tommy-Gun Murders 32/xx/xx 17 The Perfect Murder aka Telephone Suicide 32/xx/xx 18 K O 'ed aka Boxing Match Death 32/xx/xx 19 $80,000 Robbery 32/xx/xx 20 Infiltrating the Mob 32/xx/xx 21 Andy Green Killing 32/xx/xx 22 Two Officers Disappear 32/xx/xx 23 Mrs. North Robbery 32/xx/xx 24 Mrs. Smallwood Killed 32/xx/xx 25 Conscience aka Dr Thorton's Wife Disappears 32/xx/xx 26 Chained aka The Missing Cat 32/xx/xx 27 Who's Who aka The Williams Brothers 32/xx/xx 28 Retired aka Jim Bradley, Jewel Thief 32/xx/xx 29 No Learnin' aka Dad Higgins Dies 32/xx/xx 30 Paid in Full aka Subway Murder 32/xx/xx 31 Hot Bonds aka Bank Swindle 32/xx/xx 32 Deadly Poker Game 32/xx/xx 33 Judge Carlton Missing 32/xx/xx 34 William Spencer Killed 32/xx/xx 35 Race Track aka High Flights Race 32/xx/xx 36 Old Cop aka $190,000 Money Transfer 32/xx/xx 37 Stolen Brain 32/xx/xx 38 Frame-up aka Tommy Evans Run Down 32/xx/xx 39 Death Of A Mystery Writer _____________________________________