_____________________________________ PURSUIT had its roots in a CBS series that did not come to fruition. An audition show, "You Take Ballistics," was produced for the proposed series THE HUNTERS. A new production of "You Take Ballistics," was later used for the first episode of the PURSUIT series. The opening and closing of the audition show imply that THE HUNTERS would be a crime anthology series with a different star every week. No other episodes of THE HUNTERS other than the audition show seem to have been produced. SERIES DESCRIPTION: PURSUIT was a detective series that presented the cases of the fictional Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Black. (The leading character was called Inspector Harvey in the audition show and the first episode.) The Inspector was a dedicated policeman, a man hunter, who once on the case, would not rest until the wrongdoer was brought to justice. Black was assisted in cases by Sgt. Moffet. The series was unusual in that it featured dual narration. Starting in the Spring of 1950, Bill Johnstone provided the opening and closing narrations and sometimes, bridges between commercials. Inspector Black furnished the change of scenes and overall case narrations. Standard Opening: Spoken by the Narrator: "PURSUIT. "A criminal strikes and fades quickly back into the shadow of his own dark world. . . and then, the man from Scotland Yard, the famous Inspector Peter Black, and the relentless, dangerous pursuit. . When man hunts man!" Standard Closing: Spoken by Inspector Black at the end of each case: "Pursuit! And the pursuit is ended." Spoken by the Narrator: ". . . We invite you to join us next week at this same time when PURSUIT will bring you another dramatic story of the famous Inspector Peter Black from Scotland Yard relentlessly hunting down those whose disordered passions breed violence and murder. . . another story of man hunting man when we bring you PURSUIT." Starting with the Summer, 1951 run, PURSUIT had a distinctive opening for the series. The chiming of Big Ben alternating with a similar chord played by Eddie Dunstedter on the organ, was combined with Bill Johnstone's compelling opening narration. 48/11/29 You Take Ballistics (Audition unsold series THE HUNTERS) 49/11/10 Three for All 50/01/06 The Tall Man 50/02/07 The Pursuit on Lundy Island 50/04/11 Pursuit - And The Man Who Confessed 51/07/31 Pursuit of the Lonely Heart 51/09/18 Pursuit and the Ladies of Farthing Street 51/12/11 Pursuit of the Loch Ness Killers 52/02/26 Pursuit of the Woman In Gray 52/03/04 Pursuit in Clynewidd Mine _____________________________________