The Quiz Kids

_____________________________________ 41/04/16 43 Would You Drink 'Aqua Fountus'? 43/01/24 136 Would you be pleased or displeased if 'varicella' paid you a visit? 43/02/21 140 Would a bathtub drain quicker if you continue to sit in the tub after pulling the plug? 43/03/28 145 Name these famous people, identified by their first names only. 46/03/24 301 What Husband Gave His Wife Her Only Name? 46/07/21 318 If a brick weighs one pound plus one-half brick, how much does the brick weigh? 47/03/09 351 Where would you find a troop of "Hope" Indians? 47/05/18 361 If you dug a hole from Denver to sea level, and jumped in, how long would it take you to hit bottom? 47/07/27 371 What three explorers' last names begin with, "La, De and Da"? 48/03/21 405 Who Hopes To Whip Cream In June? 48/03/28 406 How do you know that eating carrots helps your eyes? 48/04/11 408 The city of Detroit has grown very rapidly during the past forty years, but in what field does Detroit hope to be especially proud of its growth in 1948? 48/04/18 409 What Animal Has Always Had The New Look? 48/04/25 410 What City Has A New Jack In The Box? 48/05/09 412 If you combined the symbols for molybdinum, thorium, and Erbium, what would you have? 48/05/23 414 What riddle has prevented a lot of visitors to Pittsburgh this year from going home? 48/05/30 415 "Where might you find a nymph with a telescope, looking at a comet?" 48/06/06 416 "What popular American dessert would you get if you joined up the last name of a leading 1948 pitcher of the Cleveland Indians with the nickname of the 1927 third baseman of the Pittsburgh Pirates?" 48/06/20 418 Why would Pennsylvania and protactinium remind you of the third Sunday in June? 48/06/27 419 Eighth Anniversary Show - "How might you write the number 2000 so it would suggest one of the Quiz Kids?" 48/07/04 420 Celebrating Independence Day - "What U. S. president's birthday is celebrated in every state and territory, other than George Washington?" 48/07/11 421 What Combination Of Names Means Damp Rabbit? 48/07/18 422 "When you give the title of a currently popular song, you pronounce the first name, the middle initial and the last name of a famous explorer. What is the song?" 48/07/25 423 "Tom, Dick and Harry were in the news lately, do you know where and why?" 48/08/01 424 "A prominent monarch recently turned Indian. Can you explain?" 48/08/08 425 What Skin Makes The Best Slippers? 48/08/15 426 "If Dewey is elected, what is it that he will wear into the White House that no other president has had, for how many years?" 48/08/29 428 "If you buy a chocolate bar tomorrow, you'll have to spend your pennies. But, why will thousands of people simply sign their names for a Hershey?" 48/09/12 430 "How to handle women has been a problem from time immemorial. Looking to nature for an answer, how does the great pied hornbill handle this problem?" 48/09/26 432 "If Hawaii is entered as the forty-ninth state, will Delaware then be the smallest state?" 48/10/03 433 "The name of what fish, spelled backwards, is the name of a famous general?" 48/10/10 434 "What president's name is the same as the name of an Indian tribe?" 48/10/17 435 From St Louis, Missouri 48/11/07 438 "At what place might you see a mousetrap, a button hook, and the Statue Of Liberty in action?" 48/11/21 440 "Write an original Thanksgiving poem about things to be grateful for." 48/12/05 442 "What are the best reasons you can think of to prove there really is a Santa Claus." 48/12/12 443 "In two buckets of water, one of which is twenty-five degrees F. and the other 50 degrees F. You drop a silver dollar into each bucket at the same time. In which bucket will the dollar reach bottom first?" 48/12/19 444 Christmas Party - "Can you say "Merry Christmas" in any language other than English?" 48/12/26 445 "In all probability, you will run into names similar to the following in a publication at the first of the year. What would the publication be? The names are: The Sun, The Moon, Wodin, Friga, etc." 49/03/20 457 "Which one of the seven dwarves would be most benefited by being dipped in the river Shannon?" 49/03/27 458 "Name a very outstanding man who was a P. M. and is now an M. P.?" 49/04/03 459 Al Capp - 49/04/10 460 "If someone gave you a gray hackle and a ginger quill, what would you do with them?" 49/04/24 462 "Who is the Achilles of baseball?" 49/05/01 463 "Diego Rivera sounds like a nice spot, but why isn't it listed in any travel folder?" 49/05/29 467 "What class of people in the nation's capitol still ride in carriages and like it?" 50/04/02 512 "The Quiz Kids Vs. The Professors." 50/07/02 525 What is wrong with this question; straight from the farm. Hanging one's hat on the horns of a "muley cow." 50/08/13 531 "Can you give a greeting in any other language other than your own?" 50/08/20 532 "Judging by his name alone, what delegate to the United Nations could you locate geographically?" 50/09/17 536 "You've heard of the E. C. A. and the E. R. P., but what does A. R. E. stand for?" 50/09/24 537 "Judging by his name alone, what famous writer should have written Betty McDonald's first book?" 50/10/01 538 "What is the capitol of a certain state, starting with the same three letters that end the state that has Tallahasee for its capitol?" 50/10/08 539 "A 'verbal charade': the answer to which is the three word title of a nursery rhyme." 50/10/15 540 "Have you ever met a Halacudous Lutocephillis?" 50/10/22 541 "What country does not print its name on its postage stamps?" 50/10/29 542 "Where might you see the following: he threw off his birdcage and ran past the woodpile?" 50/11/05 543 "Judging by its life span, what mammal could tell us about the landing of the Pilgrims if it were able to talk?" 50/11/12 544 "The name of what college football player does this song suggest?" 50/11/19 545 "What is the significance of the number 71113?" 50/11/26 546 "Name the famous farmers in Amercian history from the following clues..." 50/12/03 547 "What yellow flower that you dig up and throw away describes six men, all brave and stout?" 50/12/17 548 "When was the first talking movie?" 51/01/21 553 - Guest - Studs Terkel - "On what baseball team would you find a player with the same last name as Moses' father-in-law?" 51/01/28 554 "Why didn't Noah play Canasta on the ark?" 51/02/25 558 "What other twins from Syracuse can you recall?" 51/03/04 559 "If a man deals in Boston Bulldogs, he is probably a kennel owner, but what is his occupation if he deals in Walker Bulldogs?" 51/03/18 561 "We find many fairyland cities in fairy stories, but where might we find a story city?" _____________________________________