Rocky Fortune

_____________________________________ ROCKY FORTUNE appeared on NBC for only a short run of 25 or 26 shows. The lead character, who goes bythe name of Rocky Fortune but whose real name is Rocko Fortunato,was played by Frank Sinatra. Rocky, always ready with a wise remark, seems to be a magnet for trouble, most often with the variety of odd jobs he takes. There is frequently a beautiful woman involved, some good girls, some bad. Rocky's a tough guy who stays just inside of the law but we get an occasional glimpse of a soft heart beneath the hard exterior. It's a character that Mr. Sinatra plays nicely. Unfortunately, Mr. Sinatra's movie career took precidence over a radio career with the success of "From Here to Eternity" (he uses "from here to eternity" occasionally) and this series came to an early end. Most scripts were written by Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts, who also wrote DIMENSION X and X MINUS ONE scripts. (You'll frequently hear the same music bridges used for X MINUS ONE in early espisodes of this series). Fred Weihe and Andrew Love directed. 53/10/06 1 Oyster Shucker 53/10/13 2 Steven in a Rest Home 53/10/20 3 Shipboard Jewel Robbery 53/10/27 4 Pintsized Payroll Bandit 53/11/10 5 Messenger for Murder 53/11/17 6 A Hepcat Kills the Canary 53/11/24 7 Murder on the Aisle 53/12/01 8 Murder Among the Statues 53/12/08 9 Carnival One Way 53/12/15 10 Companion to a Chimp 53/12/22 11 The Plot to Murder Santa Claus 53/12/29 12 Prize Fight Setup 54/01/05 13 On the Trail of a Killer 54/01/12 14 Rodeo Murder 54/01/19 15 The Museum Murder 54/01/26 16 Hauling Nitro 54/02/02 17 Football Fix 54/02/09 18 Catskills Cover-Up 54/02/16 19 Too Many Husbands 54/02/23 20 Decoy for Death 54/03/02 21 The Doctor's Dilemma 54/03/09 22 Incident in a Bar 54/03/16 23 Psychological Murder 54/03/23 24 Rocket Racket 54/03/30 25 Boarding House Doublecross _____________________________________