The Secrets Of Scotland Yard

_____________________________________ xx/xx/xx Absent Minded Professor xx/xx/xx Bank of England Robbery xx/xx/xx Battler xx/xx/xx Black Market Murder xx/xx/xx Blodie Belgium xx/xx/xx Bone from a Voice Box xx/xx/xx Brothers Staunton - Two brothers have brotherly love for each other, but not for the wealthy, ugly, and stupid wife of one of them. xx/xx/xx Buckets of Blood xx/xx/xx Burke and Hare xx/xx/xx Captain X - Interesting wartime murder case involving a Polish officer and his wife's lover. xx/xx/xx Charles Piece xx/xx/xx Counterfeiter xx/xx/xx Crime On The Railway - A factual dramatized documentary about railroad crimes and the railroad police. Well done and good listening. xx/xx/xx Dr Ruxton Axe Killer xx/xx/xx Family Soliciter xx/xx/xx Fence xx/xx/xx Fiction Is Stranger Than Truth aka Reginald Sidney Buckfield xx/xx/xx Florence Maybrick xx/xx/xx Frederick Stewart xx/xx/xx General Charles Leward aka Death In The Wood xx/xx/xx George Smith xx/xx/xx Great Gold Robbery (incomplete) xx/xx/xx Green-eyed Monster - When jealousy rears its head in 1930's British Society, the result is murder! xx/xx/xx Henri Perot xx/xx/xx Henry Fauntleroy xx/xx/xx Hunted Hunter xx/xx/xx Jack the Ripper - George Chapman...poisoner, publican, and lady killer. Was he really Jack the Ripper too? Postwar. xx/xx/xx Jim the Penman xx/xx/xx Just a Matchstick and a Duster xx/xx/xx Kindly Doctor xx/xx/xx Lady in Distress - A delightful lady with a shady past is found beaten to death. Whodunnit? The prime suspect is proved innocent! xx/xx/xx Lady Is a Crook xx/xx/xx Lesson in Love xx/xx/xx Liverpool Bank Fraud - The amazing story of a Scotch bank teller who embezzled a fortune over three years, but enjoyed none of the money, as he used all of the money to pay off blackmailers! xx/xx/xx Lucky Murderer xx/xx/xx Mightier Than The Sword - The story of old Charles Howard, and Mr. Brown, two delightful chaps who made their living with their penmanship. xx/xx/xx Mrs. Voisson xx/xx/xx Murder Most Foul aka Mrs Voisson xx/xx/xx Murder Without Motive xx/xx/xx Murderers Letter xx/xx/xx Music Murder and a Mackintosh xx/xx/xx Neville Heath xx/xx/xx Nurse Waddingham xx/xx/xx One Man Too Many - A genteel British triangle, with a dead man at the hypotenuse! xx/xx/xx Perfect Detective xx/xx/xx Pests xx/xx/xx Poisoner xx/xx/xx Reginald Sidney Buckfield xx/xx/xx Robbery on the Railways xx/xx/xx Romantic Murderer xx/xx/xx Ronald Vivian Light xx/xx/xx Root of All Evil. Money. - A very clever plan to defraud an insurance company with a pearl necklace. xx/xx/xx Saved By A Piece Of Paper aka Identifications - A Canadian is positively identified as a murderer by a great number of people, but he positively declares his innocence. xx/xx/xx Scales of Justice aka Robert Wood xx/xx/xx Servant Problem xx/xx/xx Smoke Clings to the Hair xx/xx/xx Story of Walter Miller - Walter Miller kills two and has a fine night out on the town, then cheerfully pays for his crimes. xx/xx/xx Theft of the British Crown Jewels - The most audacious crime possible in England: "The Theft of the Crown Jewels" and the story of Col. Thomas Blood, who almost got away with it! xx/xx/xx Witchcraft Law _____________________________________ __________________________________