The Silent Men

_____________________________________ A Douglas Fairbanks Jr. series. 51/10/14 1 The Big Sneak - The battle against "undesirable aliens." 51/10/21 2 Empire of Pip The Blind - A story about the battle against "illicit drug dealers." Herb Butterfield, Paul Frees. 51/10/28 3 Case of the Rubber Gloves - A counter-intelligence agent for the Commerce Department battles a scheme to trans-ship munitions to Eastern European countries. Howard McNear, Raymond Burr, Betty Lou Gerson. 51/11/04 4 Death in the Mail - A counter-intellence agent solves a case of espionage. 51/11/11 5 The Trans-Atlantic Push - A concentration camp victim from Buchenwald is arrested for passing counterfeit currency! The G-Men follow the trail to Paris and the source of the "queer." 51/11/18 6 Heroin Source X - A government agent named Larry Thomas is sent to Turkey to find the source of an insideous drug. 51/11/25 7 The Roping of Joe Landis - 51/12/02 8 Death And Taxes 51/12/09 9 Pirates, 20th Century Brand - A counter-intelligence agent battles the threat of international banditry. 51/12/16 10 The Bogus G I - A counter-intelligence agent fights those who try to take advantage of the parents of dead soldiers. 51/12/23 11 Souveniers of War - A counter-intelligence agent fights the illegal sale of weapons. 52/01/06 12 Visas for Sale - A counter-intelligence agents fights "heartless dealers of human contraband." 52/01/13 13 Little White Lies - A counter-intelligence agent fights a gang of diamond smugglers. 52/01/20 14 The Gigantic Hoax - Plans for a new anti-tank gun have disappeared, the two designers of the gun have disappeared with it. 52/02/03 16 The Big Kill - An counter-intelligence agent with the Civilian Aviation Agency receives a tip about a bomb on a airplane to Chicago, which took off ten minutes ago! 52/02/10 17 Blood Money - A boat-load of plasma is missing. Who would be low enough to steal life-giving blood? Lurene Tuttle, Paul Frees. 52/02/17 18 Stolen Arsenal - A story about "grand theft of war materials." Virginia Gregg, Jack Kruschen, George Neise. 52/03/19 22 Confess Or Die - A newspaperman is rescued by a government-man. American Magazine has voted the program, "The top family adventure program on the air." 52/03/26 23 Murder in Vienna - A story about the Soviet Union's desperate attempts to re-arm, at American expense. 52/04/02 24 Trouble At Suez - "In Cairo tonight, there is rioting on the campus of El Hazah University." "Whoever controls the Suez canal, controls the nworld." 52/04/09 25 The University Fix - A case about the teenage use of narcotics. "It's a threat to the American way of life." 52/04/16 26 The Torch - A story about "highly secret reports on guided missiles." 52/04/23 27 Food And War - A story of "the war against the innocent." "The Communist propaganda machine is busy the world over undermining and trying to destroy the power of Democracy." CARE packages are being stolen. 52/05/07 28 Missing Masterpiece - A story about an internationally famous painting and an infamous crime. 52/05/14 29 The Miracle Cure - A story of heartbreak, fraud and the United States mail. 52/05/21 30 Sabotage - The story of "a daring attempt to destroy the Atlantic fleet." The story about a true event of May, 1943. Paul Frees, William Conrad, Joan Banks, Ben Wright. 52/05/28 31 The Green Sedan - A story about "widespread counterfeiting on the eastern seaboard." _____________________________________