Sky King

_____________________________________ Earl Nightingale, Jack Bivens, Beryl Vaughn. Mike Wallace (announcer)! 47/06/30 Prince Aron Zibi - Evil Prince Arenzebebe tries a little poison fruit on Sky and his friends. 47/07/14 Army of Blue Men - Battling the "Blue Men" in far off Ecuador. 47/07/23 The Stolen Pearls - A $30,000 string of pearls has been stolen from banker Snodgrass. Gene McCall is the prime suspect. 47/07/31 Capture of the Pearl Thief - Benny Miller tells Sky who really stole the pearls...Mr. Snodgrass! 47/12/04 A Message in Code - A murder in Chinatown and knitting instructions help Sky and his friends track down stolen pearls. 51/04/12 The Lady Sheriff - Lady Alice has stolen $60,000 in diamonds and escaped on her golden palomino. The trail leads Sky to a plane crash, a gun fight, and plenty of action inside of a diamond mine! 51/04/17 The Mark of El Diablo - El Diablo has returned, riding a black stallion, warning small ranchers to get out...while they still can! xx/xx/xx The Black Circle - _____________________________________