Sleep No More

_____________________________________ SLEEP NO MORE was a different series than what you's expect from a show of this era in that it featured readings instead of full-cast dramatizations. Nelson Omstead did dramatic readings, complete with background music and sound effects for this NBC series of thrillers. Ben Grower served as host. Each half-hour show consisted of one, two or three readings. Only enjoying a short run, this series provides an interesting look at one of radio's alternatives to full-cast dramatic entertainment. 56/11/14 2 Marius 56/11/21 3 Conquerer's Isle - A flyer is forced down on a strange island and discovers a race of superior humans preparing to take over the world. 56/11/28 4 Mr Mergenthurker's Loblies - August Heat - Nelson Olmsted dramatizes two stories. A strange little man has two invisible friends who sit on his shoulder and forsee the future. In "August Heat," a very hot day finds strange predictions of the future starting to come true. 56/12/05 5 Over the Hill - Man in the Black Hat - 56/12/12 6 Three O'Clock 56/12/19 7 The Storm 56/12/26 8 Death of Olivia Bicai - Fishhead 57/01/09 10 Waxwork - The Man and the Snake - A poor journalist accepts the assignment of spending a night in a wax museum. Also, a man is hypnotized by a deadly snake in his apartment. 57/01/23 11 I Am Waiting - Browdian Farm - A man catches a series of glimpses into the future. Also, a ghost visits the scene of the murder he commited. 57/01/30 12 The Jilting of Granny Weatherall - Escape - A dying old woman recalls the days of her youth. Also, a mental patient builds a machine that "sane" people cannot see and then breaks out of the asylum with it. 57/02/06 13 Banquo's Chair - The Coward by Guy de Maupassant - A ghost catches a killer. Also, a man about to fight a duel finds that he cannot. 57/02/27 14 To Build a Fire by Jack London - Three Skeleton Key - A man all alone in the Yukon starts to freeze to death. Also, three men in a lighthouse are menaced by thousands of rats. 57/03/06 15 Thus I Refute Beelzy - The Book Shop - A young man sees a stranger who doesn't exist, or does he? Also, a fantasy about a library of books that might have been. 57/03/13 16 The Escape of Mr Trimm - A very well done story of suspense. An escaped convict is prevented from getting his complete freedom by a pair of handcuffs. 57/03/20 17 Woman in Gray - A Suspicious Gift - A man discovers that everyone he likes suddenly dies. Also, $10,000 in cash produces a grisly murder, dripping in blood. 57/04/03 18 The Bet - The Clerk's Quest - Anton Chekhov (author) - Two million dollars are bet that a man can voluntarily spend fifteen years in solitary confinement. Also, a stodgy bank clerk falls in love with the smell of perfume on a check. 57/04/10 19 A Passenger to Bali by Gogol - An evil revolutionary boards a tramp steamer. The captain can't get rid of him as no country will let him land. 57/04/17 20 Homecoming - Aunt Tessie - A crazed young man with a gun visits his old girl friend. Also, a ghost story with a different viewpoint. 57/04/24 21 The Evening - Flowering of the Strange Orchid - H. G. Wells (author) - A middle aged man carries on an imaginary romance. Last show of the series. _____________________________________