The Slide

_____________________________________ THE SLIDE was a seven-part serial which was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme. It was written by Victor Pemberton and produced by John Tydeman. The serial involves the appearance of a large fissure in a new town called Redlow in Kent. When torrents of seething mud start emerging from the fissure, scientist Joseph Gomez is brought. It is soon learned the mud contains a reproducing organism with the power of mind control over people. It isn't long before the mud becomes a killer. Redlow is declared a disaster area and the country is put on a state of emergency as other fissures start appearing. 66/02/13 1 Moment of Silence 66/02/20 2 Down Came A Blackbird 66/02/27 3 Analysis 66/03/06 4 Heartbeat 66/03/13 5 Danger Point 66/03/20 6 Time Limit 66/03/27 7 Out of the Darkness _____________________________________