Soldiers of the Press

_____________________________________ A wartime series dramatizing the exploits of United Press correspondents covering the action. 42/11/09 1 Henry Gorrell - Bombing of Navareno Bay - Correspondent Henry Gorrell goes along on the first U. S. bombing run in the Mediterranean. 42/11/16 2 Robert Miller - The Men At Guadalcanal - U. P. correspondent Robert Miller hits the beach with the Marines at Guadalcanal. 42/11/23 3 Richard McMillan - North Africa - U. P. correspondent Richard McMillan covers the battle of North Africa against Rommel as it turns from the defense to the offense. 42/11/30 4 Joe James Custer - with Battle Fleet - U. P. correspondent Joe James Custer loses an eye when the ship he was on during the battle of the Solomons is sunk. 42/12/07 5 Leo Disher - Heroism in Oran - U. P. correspondent Henry Disher is decorated for heroism for his coverage of the action at Oran, in North Africa, despite many wounds. 42/12/14 6 Robert T Bellaire - Japanese Prisoners - U. P. correspondent Robert Bellaire, in Tokyo when the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, was imprisoned for six months. 42/12/21 7 William Tyree - The Pacific Theater - The adventures of William Tyree, U. P. correspondent covering the Pacific Theatre and the action on Guadalcanal. 42/12/28 8 Frank Hewlett - Fall of Bataan - A good story about U. P. correspondent Frank Hewlett, the only reporter who covered the fall of Bataan. 43/01/04 9 Ned Russell - The story of U. P. correspondent Ned Russell, and "The Siege Of Stuka Acres." 43/01/11 10 Robert P Martin - Bombers over Haiphong - A U. P. correspondent goes along on a bombing mission against Jap shipping in Haiphong harbor. _____________________________________