Stars In The Air

_____________________________________ 52/01/31 8 It Started with Eve - Charles Coburn, Venessa Brown 52/02/07 9 The Yearling - A tender story about an eleven year old boy in rural Florida...and his pet deer. Gregory Peck, Marjorie Rawlings (author), John Jacobs (host), Jean Hagen, John McGovern 52/05/03 21 The House on 92nd Street - A good wartime spy melodrama, the program is recorded on tape, music bridges were added later. Humphrey Bogart, Keefe Brasselle, Betty Lou Gerson, Lou Merrill 52/05/17 23 Night Song - A blind and bitter pianist is romanced by a wealthy woman, who tells him that she's blind too (she's not). Merle Oberon, Arthur Kennedy, John Brown _____________________________________