Tales Of The Foreign Service

_____________________________________ 46/07/05 The Phillipines 46/07/19 The Making Of An Ambassador - The story of a composite worker in the foreign service who graduated from college, passed the entrance examination and started at the bottom and rose to eventually be an ambassador. 46/07/26 Tom Estes, Foreign Service Officer - The true story of a foreign service officer, who started as a Marine guard at the U. S. embassy in Peking, China. 46/08/02 The Waiting Game - The story of the power invested in Charles Francis Adams, a mild unassuming man, who had it within his authority to turn our war between the States into a world wide conflict. He was humiliated, frustrated, sorely tried and tempted. He played a desperate waiting game, until his was forced to use his trump card, with the stakes the future destiny of the United States! 46/08/09 Foreign Service Wives - The wives of members of the Foreign Service; they have no official standing in the Foreign Service. Their names never appear on the Service register. Their duties are nowhere defined in the regulations. Officially, they don't exist! Yet, to them comes danger in many forms, problems demanding the greatest finesse and ingenuity to solve, and harder work than many salaried persons are ever called upon to perform. Without them, the Foreign Service as it is today, could scarcely exist! 46/08/16 Islands of Home - A program about the obscure outposts of the Foreign Service. Wherever you find the American flag flying over foreign soil, there is good reason for it. There you will find, under sometimes appalling circumstances, the American spirit, adjusting itself to whatever problems it finds. Somehow, making a home away from home! 46/08/23 Athenian Disaster - The events of September 8, 1939 surrounding the torpedoing of the British steamship "Athenia," with American citizens aboard, off the coast of Ireland, by Nazi Germany. The role the Foreign Service played is dramatized. 46/08/30 Non Career Diplomat - A portrait of "non-career diplomats," who are appointed directly by the president to important posts as minister of ambassadors. The story of Mrs. Daisy Harriman, a woman who undertook an entirely new career at 67, an age when most women are willing to retire to watch life from the sidelines; minister to Norway! 46/09/06 Career Diplomat - The story of George S. Messerschmit, a career diplomat who filled many jobs in the Foreign Service, and who finally became ambassador to Argentina after thirty two years of service! 46/09/20 Secret War for Wolfram - How the Allies tried to keep the mineral wolfram (tungsten) from the Nazi war machine, and how the Department of State tried to achieve an embargo. A Foreign Service officer is assigned to the Spanish frontier to make sure none of the ore is smuggled out of the country. 46/09/27 Death & Rebirth of an American Embassy - The story of the American embassy in Athens Greece which was considerably changed when the Nazis occupied the country April 6, 1941. America was still neutral at the time, even though the British and Greeks were at war. 46/10/11 Special Assignment, North Africa - How Robert D. Murphy in Algiers, along with his Vice Counsels, helped to achieve our military victories in Algeria and North Africa. The U. S. proposes aid for civilians in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in return for being allowed to distribute the supplies. 46/10/25 Elihu Root, Secretary of State - The last show of the series. The story of the brilliant lawyer and statesman who served in the administration of Theodore Roosevelt. xx/xx/xx Blacklist xx/xx/xx Henry Coleman, Diplomatic Courier xx/xx/xx Nelson Johnson in China xx/xx/xx Walter Orebaugh _____________________________________