This Is My Best

_____________________________________ 44/11/21 11 Around The World In 80 Days - (Jules Verne (author). Orson Welles, Eric Snowden, Walter Tetley) - Mr. Fogg circumnavigates the globe once again. 44/12/19 15 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas - (Norman Corwin (writer), Orson Welles (host), Ray Collins, John McIntire) - The well done story told in verse about the attack against Santa Claus. Great radio! 45/03/13 27 Heart of Darkness - (Joseph Conrad (author), Orson Welles) - A trip up an African river...into the heart of darkness! An excellent use of radio. 45/03/20 28 Miss Dilly Says No - (Orson Welles (host, performer), Ann Sothern, Francis X. Bushman) - Miss Dilly writes a best-selling book. Hollywood is most interested, but Miss Dilly isn't. 45/03/27 29 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - (Orson Welles (host), John McIntire, Jane Powell) - The Walt Disney version. Beware of witches bearing apples. Orson mentions that Jeanette Nolan and John McIntire are retiring from radio after tonight to raise a family. 45/04/03 30 The Diamond as Big as the Ritz - (F. Scott Fitzgerald (author), Orson Welles, John McIntire, Ernest Whitman) - A very strange love story involving the wealthy Mr. Washington and his diamond that was indeed, "as big as The Ritz." 45/04/10 31 The Master of Ballentrae - (Agnes Moorehead, Orson Welles) - 45/04/17 32 I Will Not Go Back - (Orson Welles (producer, peformer, narrator)) - A program dedicated to "an American president who has fallen in battle." 45/04/24 33 Anything Can Happen - (Orson Welles) 45/05/29 38 Babes In The Woods - (Jack Benny, Norma Jean Nilsson) - A Hollywood playwright and a lady cab driver become involved with an unwanted little girl in the big city. 45/12/25 53 Twenty-Two Years to Christmas - (Virginia Bruce) _____________________________________