True Detective Mysteries

_____________________________________ 37/03/08 The Rattlesnake and The Barefoot Bride - A 1935 case. A man's wife is found dead in the lily pond, bitten by rattlesnake. The cops bug a suspect's house for clues. 37/03/25 Horror in a Hospital Ward - A 1932 case. A playboy is murdered while a hospital patient, the cops come up with two confessions! 37/04/01 Secrets Never Before Told - A 1935 case. A man is accused of branding his wife and is killed by vigilantes in Detroit. An emotional story for a good cry. 37/04/08 Budda Man Mystery - A weird Buddhist in Hartford is found dead from an overdose of chloroform. An unusual plot to say the least, with a "philandering weather report." 37/04/15 Girl in the Iron Mask - A triangle down on the farm, with murder by the colored farm-hand spicing up the vegetables. 37/04/22 Helen Clevenger Case - A visiting N. Y. U. co-ed is murdered in rural North Carolina. 37/04/29 Trailing Red Ryan - Two convicts break jail and leave an international trail of crime. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of robbers, who finally went up for "the final parole." 37/05/06 Death in Red Step-ins - A beautiful fifteen year old bride is found murdered in a creek during a 4th of July picnic in Arkansas. Who killed the girl on the rocks? 37/07/24 Farmer Shot 12 Times - A farmer named John Nungasser has been found shot twelve times. His wife is suspected of the crime, but a neighboring farmer has a better motive. 37/07/31 Check Forgery - Mrs. Nell Harvey has been passing bogus payroll checks drawn on the Black Rock Petroleum Company, all over the state of Texas. Despite her protests of innocence, she's found guilty and sentenced to five years in jail. True Detective Mysteries magazine comes to the rescue! 37/08/19 Murder In The Horror House - Tony Naroni, an Italian vegetable farmer, falls in love with a waitress. She soon disappears, as does Tony. 47/12/28 Dream Of Richard Lauber - A bigamist and murderer is brought to justice when his victim's body is year after the crime. 50/01/01 Inhuman Monster In Europe - $1000 reward is offered for information leading to the capture of a dangerous criminal, Harry Burton, who is wanted for murder. "His face is covered with burns, resembling small pox marks." People begin to die in large numbers in a small French town. A local nurse is suspected. 57/10/14 Body In The Road - A dead body is found beside the road near an army camp. A $1000 reward is offered by the editor of "True Detective Magazine" for the capture of a wanted bank robber. The criminal's description is given. 58/06/08 Hitchhiking Pyscho - A couple picks up a hitchhiker who turns to be a madman. 59/10/07 Wedding Night Murder - Evelyn Pierce is widowed on her wedding night. The story is told entirely by narration _____________________________________