Unsolved Mysteries

_____________________________________ 49/xx/xx 1 Lizzie Borden Case - A double murder is followed by Lizzie Borden's trial. A supposition of who really killed Mr. and Mrs. Borden follows the drama. 49/xx/xx 2 Voodooism - A case of Voodoo magic in Haiti. A white woman is raised from the grave. 49/xx/xx 3 Indian Holy Man 49/xx/xx 4 The Wireless Mystery - A radio warning from nowhere saves a ship from collision. 49/xx/xx 5 The Bridge Whist Mystery - The New York police solve a baffling murder case. 49/xx/xx 6 Mystery Of The Zombie 49/xx/xx 7 Chinese Rug Mystery - An Indian fakir requests a strand of an Englishwoman's hair. He's given a piece of a Chinese rug instead. 49/xx/xx 9 The Writing On The Wall - A "modern" ghost in an old castle warns with flaming words on the wall, "Avoid The Titanic." 49/xx/xx 12 The Toll Bridge (aka Crown vs. Charles Applegate) - An innocent man is about to be hanged; a "gentleman of quality" is awakened in the middle of the night. The "explanation" of the mystery relies heavily on telepathy. 49/xx/xx Rue Morgue Mystery - A famous locked room mystery...and why Edgar Allan Poe's version was wrong. 49/xx/xx The Witch Doctor - An old witch doctor swears revenge and plans to return to his tribe as a black panther. "Lyncanthropy" in the jungle. 49/xx/xx Washington Square Mystery - A woman murdered in the park accuses a man's mad wife of killing her. Despite the title, the story seems to take place in Philadelphia! _____________________________________