Up For Parole

_____________________________________ The life story of a criminal is told as he applies for release to a parole board. An interesting format. 50/03/10 1 John Newton - A young doctor is forced to illegally operate and shelter his wounded brother, a bank robber. 50/03/17 2 Paul Botwin - A man's "dead" father comes home from jail one day, and starts his son on a life of crime. 50/03/31 4 Eddie Larson - A radio repairman with a criminal record gets involved with a rich woman who lives alone. 50/04/21 7 Harold Edgerton I I - A respectable businessman turns robber and insurance fraud. The story has a surprise ending. Santos Ortega, Bernard Lenrow 50/05/05 9 Tyler Graham - A politician has robbed the people of his city and stolen money from the bank too. Paul McGrath 50/05/12 10 Clarence Hogan - An orphan-turned-cowboy has led a miserable life because of his rotten foster home. 50/05/19 11 Thomas Hostey - A young con turns into a toughened criminal and master con-man while in prison. 50/06/02 13 Margo Owens - A young mother with a drunken father and rotten husband was set up for a felonious assault with intent to kill. 50/09/01 26 Clinton Foster - A poor boy from a desperate family robs a bank in his home town. 50/10/06 31 Fern Russell - The story of a young girl who hates all men, and whom describes each of them as a "louse." _____________________________________