Walk Softly, Peter Troy

_____________________________________ 63/12/10 1 The Blonde With The Delicate Air - Peter's been framed for murder by a very lovely lady. 63/12/17 2 The Repentant Red-Head - A famous author is shot... with a faint aroma of perfume in the air. 63/12/24 3 The Lady Who Loved Larceny - A beautiful platium blonde pulls a job or two. 63/12/31 4 The Vulnerable Vixen - A machine gun moll from Chicago invades London with a protection racket. 64/01/07 5 The Trouble With Tanya - Tanya inherits all from a hated relation with a heart condition...and that's her trouble. 64/01/14 6 Wistful Witch - A famous showgirl vanishes from her backstage dressing room...and then another girl disappears from the same room. 64/01/28 8 The Vanquished Venus - A beauty queen is murdered on stage. Peter uncovers a diamond smuggling ring. 64/02/11 10 The Doll With The Dreamy Disposition - Peter is hired to protect a millionaire's daughter from a killer out to revenge the death of his son. 64/02/18 11 The Winsome Wildcat - Rachel, the Lady Lion Tamer, has been kidnapped...or has she? 64/02/25 12 Too Many Maids a Moping - A chorus line of "hoofers" is endangered by a series of "accidents"...from stinkbombs to attempted murder. 64/03/17 15 The Karate Kid - A beautiful girl frames her own kid brother for murder. 64/05/05 22 The Blue-Eyed Brazen - Peter delivers a fur coat and finds himself about to be shot by Mr. "Midnight." 64/05/19 24 The Loves Of Lois Denver 64/05/26 25 The Tarnished Angel 64/07/21 33 A Patsy Named Patsy - Peter the private eye protects the good name of a lovely Irish lass about to be framed. 64/08/25 38 Wanda's Work Of Art 64/09/15 41 What Katy Did 64/09/22 42 Pandora's Boxer 64/11/24 51 The Minx In Mink - A lady offers $10,000 to a professional killer to murder her husband...and then changes her mind. _____________________________________