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_____________________________________ GREAT COVERAGE OF THE WAR YEARS!! THE SHEER _NUMBERS_ OF MEN AND MACHINERY INVOLVED IS AMAZING!! A LOT OF GREAT PERSONAL STORIES!! 42/11/08 American Invasion Forces Make Landing At Oran 42/11/11 Armistice Day Ceremony 42/11/12 CBS Special Broadcast 42/11/15 Algiers Is A Beautiful City 42/11/29 Russians Look To More Than Lifting Siege 42/12/06 A Year Ago Today 42/12/20 News From The Battlefields Is Good 43/01/03 In These First Days Of 1943 43/01/17 Heavy Allied Air Activity 43/03/14 Battle Of Karkov Nearing Climax 43/03/21 American Troops Occupy Town Of Sened 43/03/28 Big Allied Offence On Tunisian Front 43/04/11 There's More Good News From North Africa 43/04/18 North African Land Front Is Quiet 43/05/23 Japanese Bombers Make Unsuccessful Attack 43/07/04 Axis Territory Is Reverberating 43/07/11 Allied Forces Are Smashing Forward On A 100 Mile Front 43/07/25 British And American Planes Showered Tons Of Bombs 43/08/08 British 8th Army Has Pressed three/Quarters of the Way 43/08/15 Prime Minister Churchill Has Returned To Quebec 43/08/29 Germans Put Denmark Under Martial Law 43/09/19 German Troops Withdrawing From Sardinia 43/10/03 The Germans Have Launched A Sea And Air Attack Today 43/10/10 Mighty Allied Bombing Attack 43/10/17 Allied 5th Army Forcing Germans Back 43/10/24 CBS World News Today 43/12/26 Allied 5th Army Takes Two Hilltops 44/01/09 Allied 5th Army In Italy Has Thrown Back Counterattacks 44/01/16 General Eisenhower Arrives In England 44/01/30 Allies Expand Bridgehead South Of Rome 44/02/06 German Elite Troops Thrown Into Battle 44/02/20 Greatest Daylight Operations Of The War 44/02/27 Finnish Communique Reports 44/03/05 American Bombers Are Busy Again Today 44/03/12 American Daylight Bombers Back In Action 44/03/19 American Bombers Attack Southern Reich 44/03/26 The Russians Have Reach Romania 44/04/02 Fourth Attack On German Industries 44/08/06 American Tanks And Men Swarming Over Brittany 44/08/13 Supreme Allied Headquarters Reports The Americans Have Begun An Advance 44/08/20 Elements Of 14 German Armies Being Blasted 44/08/27 Allies Giving Germans Steady Drumming 44/09/03 American Forces Reach Namour 44/09/10 American Forces Have Driven Into Luxembourg 44/09/24 British General Dempsey's Forces Make Limited Contact 44/10/01 American Forces Have Turned Back Sharp Counterattacks 44/10/15 Last 18 Hours Have Brought Greatest Air Attacks 44/10/22 American Troops On Leyte Island In Philippines 44/10/29 Troops Clear Key City Of Breda In Holland 44/11/12 World Heard Indirectly 44/12/03 B29s Over Tokyo 44/12/31 Germans Failed In Efforts To Close Corridor 45/01/07 American 1st Army Gains 3 Miles 45/01/14 American Armies Are Hammering 45/01/28 New Drive On American 1st Army Front 45/02/18 General MacArthur's Forces Have Invaded Corrigidor 45/03/04 The German Army Continued Its Retreat Today 45/03/11 American 3rd Army Troops Reported Inside Germany 45/03/18 Marshal Josef Stalin Has Issued An Order Of The Day 45/03/25 21st Army Has Linked All Its Bridgeheads 45/04/08 British Forces Are Within 2 Miles Of Important Bridges 45/04/15 The President Was Buried Today 45/05/13 This Is A Day Of Prayer 45/05/20 80 SuperFortresses Attack Tokyo 45/07/08 American Forces Drive Into Luxembourg 45/07/29 Russia Will Go To War With Japan 45/08/12 It Was Exactly 192 Weeks Ago 45/08/19 President Truman Is Leading The Nation 45/08/26 Units Of The 1st Fleet Are In Tokyo Harbour _____________________________________