Watership Down

"If you've read Watership Down I'm sure you'll realise it's entirely based in the English countryside and you can almost say that the English countryside was another character in the book. "The route which the rabbits took in the story, it's all quite real, it's all there for anyone to see. In fact several people have actually amused themselves by walking the route of the rabbits from south of Newbury up to Watership Down. On a possible alternative ending: "My original idea was that Big Wig after he'd fought (General) Woundwart and driven him off, would die of his wounds but my children simply would not have it. They said 'no daddy Big Wig is not to die, he should be badly wounded but he's not to die. "And I didn't dare actually to make him die after what my children had said. They had quite a lot to do with making up the story." On the release of the animated film version released in 1978 and directed by Martin Rosen. People were shocked because it started as a children story but it deals with adult themes such as death. "Well I've always said that Watership Down is not a book for children. I say: it's a book, and anyone who wants to read it can read it. And I've had fan letters not only from kids who can hardly hold a pencil but the oldest one came from a man aged 85 who said how much he enjoyed the book."

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