The Wayside Theater

_____________________________________ 38/10/02 Romance in Old Monterey - A charming Mexican cattle thief falls for a lovely gringo senorita. 38/11/06 Rest Cure - A playwright is looking for peace and quiet. The girl next door is looking for a wealthy husband. This is obviously a match made in heaven! 38/12/11 Madcap Princess - Pleasant fairy tale of royal romance, dalliance with maidens, and "The Black Knight." Well done! 39/01/01 Absent Minded Professor - The ultimate absent minded professor the chemistry building explodes! 39/01/08 Love Goes To Night School - Comedy/romance: trying to get the beautiful "teacher" to say "yes." 39/01/22 Food For Thought - Having the health-food conscious boss over to dinner. The newlyweds have a slight disagreement. 39/02/05 Lily Brown Leaves - Who will win the "Crystal Toothpaste Radio Script Contest?" Inane domestic comedy about two married writers. 39/03/12 Love In A Taxi - Romance/comedy about a socialite and a cab driver, who meet by accident. 39/05/14 A Friend Of Gertrude - Hollywood rags to riches story of romance and heartbreak. _____________________________________