The Whisperer

_____________________________________ THE WHISPERER was a sustained Summer series, broadcast on NBC from July 8 to September 30, 1951, Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 5:30 PM. It ran for a total of 13 episodes. The series presents the stories of Peter Gualt, a man who leads a double life, Peter Gualt, the lawyer, and The Whisperer, a crime syndicate front. Peter has a strange speech impediment which causes him to speak in a whisper at all times. A gifted surgeon performed an operation which not only allowed him to speak in a normal voice, but allowed him to revert back to the whisper at will. The onlyperson that knows about Gualt's double life is Ellen Morris, a nurse who assisted in the operation. Carleton Young starred as attorney Philip Galt. Betty Moran played the part of Ellen Norris. The cast was filled out during the series by such Hollywood radio stalwarts as William Conrad, Earl Lee, Torry Bennett, Janet Scott, Betty Lou Gerson, and Paul Freese. The announcer was Donald Rickles. Scripts were written by Jonathan Twice. The series was produced and directed by Bill Karn. Organ music was by Johnny Duffy. The series was based on stories and characters created by Stetson Humphries. 51/07/08 1 Tea Time for Teenagers 51/07/15 2 Attempted Murder 51/07/22 3 Hippity Hoppity 51/07/29 4 Policeman in Danger 51/08/05 5 What Ye Sow 51/08/12 6 The Fight Game 51/08/19 7 Into Each Life 51/08/26 8 Taken for a Ride 51/09/02 9 Stanley Hayes Must Die by Midnight the Following Day 51/09/09 10 Woman on Ice 51/09/16 11 Never the Twain 51/09/23 12 The Police Lieutenant 51/09/30 13 Strange Bed Fellows _____________________________________