Whitehall 1212

_____________________________________ WHITEHALL 1212 was a British police OTR drama series brought to the United States, sometimes mistaken for THE BLACK MUSEUM. The series was heard over NBC. WHitehall 1212 was the police emergency phone number in London just before '999' (their equalvalent of "911" here in the States). Wyllis Cooper, of QUIET PLEASE fame, wrote the script for all 44 shows in the series. This series was very similar to the Black Museum that was hosted by Orson Welles. Both the Black Museum and Whitehall 1212 drew their material from the files of Scotland Yard. The stories were true in every respect except that the names were changed to protect the innocent, as they say. The Whitehall 1212 series boasted that for the first time Scotland Yard opened its files and the producers promised to bring to the public authentic true stories of some of the most celebrated cases. Permission for these records came from Sir Harold Scott, Commissioner of the yard at that time. There is actually a Black Museum. This area is located on the lower ground floor of Scotland Yard and it does indeed contain articles that are closely associated with the solving of a crime. And "Whitehall 1212" was the actual emergency phone number for the yard at the time. The research for the shows was done by Percy Hoskins, chief crime reporter for the London Daily Express. For the benefit of American audiences, Wyllis Cooper of Quiet Please fame was hired as script writer. Interestingly enough both the Black Museum and Whitehall 1212 had all-British casts; both ran concurrently. Whereby Mutual Broadcasting System aired the Orson Welles version, NBC offered the Wyllis Cooper one. There were 44 episodes in the series and all but one are in circulation. None of the prorgrams were titled and as they appeared on the scene, were given names by those who collected them. For that reason there are variations of titles, some with incorrect spellings; an attempt has been made to correct this. 51/11/18 1 The Blitz Murder Case 51/12/02 3 The Fonier Case 51/12/09 4 The Murder of Duncan Frazier 51/12/16 5 The Man Who Murdered His Wife 51/12/23 6 The Heathrow Affair 52/01/06 7 The Murder of Charles Brooks 52/01/13 8 Kashmere Is Murdered 52/01/20 9 The Case of Donald Simms 52/01/27 10 The Murder of Little Philip Avery 52/02/03 11 The Pete Williams Case 52/02/10 12 Case of Arthur Freeman 52/02/17 13 Case of the Late Mrs Harvey 52/02/24 14 Murder of Peter Amory 52/03/02 15 The Case of Air Cadet Gordon 52/03/09 16 Case of Dr Duncan Allen 52/03/16 17 Case of Thomas Applebee 52/03/23 18 Case of the Black Gladstone Bag 52/03/30 19 Murder of a Bloody Belgian 52/04/13 20 Case of the Fatal Bath 52/04/20 21 Case of Mrs Minerva Bannamon 52/04/27 22 Case of Franchesca Nicholson 52/05/04 23 Case of William George Greenly 52/05/11 24 The Case of Margery Tate 52/05/18 25 The Case of Sydney Wolfe 52/05/25 26 The Case Of Maggie Ralenson 52/06/01 27 Case of Winfred Hog 52/06/08 28 Case of the Strange Bondfire 52/06/15 29 Case of the Homemade Handbag 52/06/22 30 Murder of Mrs Ann Battersby 52/06/29 31 Case of the Weed Eradication 52/07/06 32 Murder of Mr Sweet 52/07/13 33 The Tapir House Murder 52/07/20 34 Case of the Unidentified Woman 52/07/27 35 The Case Of The Magena Blotting Pad 52/08/03 36 The Case of Nora Brady 52/08/10 37 Case of the Missing Clarinet 52/08/17 38 Case of Dugel Henry 52/08/24 39 Murder of Lady Madge Johnson 52/08/31 40 Case of the Madden Family 52/09/07 41 Case of the Eaton Brothers 52/09/14 42 Case of the Winchester Bottles 52/09/21 43 Case of the Inoperative Wireless 52/09/28 44 The Case Of The Electric Torch _____________________________________