The World Adventurer's Club

_____________________________________ The program's format: a male quartet sings to call the meeting of "the club" together. Then, one of the "members" relates his most exciting adventure. 32/xx/xx 1 Papua Escape - A running battle with head- hunters in New Guinea. 32/xx/xx 2 Manchurian Limited - A trainload of dynamite, brought safely through hostile China. 32/xx/xx 3 Pancho Villa's Treasure - A gun battle with bandidos in old Mexico. Was Pancho Villa killed? 32/xx/xx 4 The Borneo Diamond - A loyal black man and the treachery of a white man, fighting to the death for a meteorite in the jungle. 32/xx/xx 5 The Frozen North - Attacked by twenty polar bears and a vicious storm, two Arctic explorers come upon an abandoned ship in the ice. 32/xx/xx 6 Land Of Doomed Souls - The strange results of an extreme brain operation in the South American jungle prison of Cayenne. 32/xx/xx 7 Land Of Death - A strange town where men are worth less than dust. A poison mystery of Hungary. 32/xx/xx 8 Land Of Darkness - The last days of the Romanovs and Rasputin, the Mad Monk of Russia. 32/xx/xx 9 Land of the Black Hand - A tale of the Italian Mafia, with an ironic twist. 32/xx/xx 10 India, The Mystery Land - 32/xx/xx 11 The Tattooed Rose 32/xx/xx 12 Norway's Luck 32/xx/xx 13 The Elephant's Graveyard - The discovery of the fabled graveyard of the elephants. 32/xx/xx 14 The Living Shroud - A mercy killing in the path of the cannibal ants. 32/xx/xx 15 The Treasure Hunt 32/xx/xx 16 Hidden Fango 32/xx/xx 17 The Fire dog 32/xx/xx 18 The Black White Man 32/xx/xx 19 The Grain Of Death 32/xx/xx 20 Hairy Wild Man 32/xx/xx 21 Malay Madness 32/xx/xx 22 The Pale Flame 32/xx/xx 23 Storm on The Sea 32/xx/xx 24 The Fawn 32/xx/xx 25 Kaditcha 32/xx/xx 26 Muckin' in the Khyber 32/xx/xx 27 The Madonna's Tear 32/xx/xx 28 Dead Men Walk 32/xx/xx 29 Living Mummy - An explorer is shut into the tomb of an ancient Arabian king, "Ptolemy Ra." Out of the sarcaphogus of the king rises...a beautiful French woman! A well-told yarn. 32/xx/xx 30 Mad Monk Of Ankor Wat 32/xx/xx 31 Vengeance - Battling vampire bats, Mayan Indians and a mad Spaniard in Nicaragua. 32/xx/xx 32 The Continental Express _____________________________________