You Can't Do Business With Hitler

_____________________________________ xx/xx/xx 1 Heads They Win Tails We Lose - Dramatized vignettes of the trade war being carried on by the Nazis since 1933. The program is based on the book by Douglas Miller, one time commercial attache of the U. S. embassy in Berlin. xx/xx/xx 2 Broken Promises - The case of Martin T. Johnson, an American importing lard into Germany, and a soft drink manufacturer, who both find out how hard it is to continue trade relations with the Nazis. The German government puts increasing pressure on American businesses, and then demands bribes to relieve that pressure. xx/xx/xx 3 No American Goods Wanted - December 9, 1941 is the date that Germany declared war on the United States, but war was really declared in 1934, through international trade. A dramatization of the case of James Dennison, who was not allowed to sell tallow to Germany, despite his contract to do so. xx/xx/xx 4 Two for Me One for You - Attempts are made to barter American goods for German merchandise, but no deal satisfactory to Americans conforms to Nazi regulations. xx/xx/xx 5 Mass Murder - "Mass murder" is Hitler's policy of exterminating racial groups. Poland is to be "de-populated," twelve thousand people have committed suicide! xx/xx/xx 6 Spoils of Europe - A description of "the looting of France," using freshly printed and totally worthless money. The program describes the other Nazi techniques used to take over the economy of France. xx/xx/xx 7 1000 Year Reich - "Education For Slavery" program is put into effect in Belgium. How the Nazis promote some books and suppress others. xx/xx/xx 8 Living Dead - The occupied countries will be under Nazi domination for the next thousand years, unless the Allies overthrow the Germans. There will be no revolt from within. xx/xx/xx 9 Anti Christ - Hitler has vowed that the Swastika will take the place of the cross. How the Church as well as the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis. xx/xx/xx 10 Pagan Gods - Alfred Rosenberg is determined to destroy Christianity in Germany and replace it with National Socialism. xx/xx/xx 11 Swastika over the Equator - There are a half million Nazi storm troopers right now in South America! (1942) xx/xx/xx 12 Money Talks with a German Accent - "The Nazi threat to Latin America is active!" Hitler says, "We shall create a New Germany in South America." _____________________________________