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Sit at a desk all day? Tired of the music you're listening to? Treat yourself to a new experience - Old Time Radio: comedy, thrillers, adventure, drama, and more. All mp3s can play on your computer. Amos'n'Andy, Dragnet and thousands more. Discover the magical world of classic radio ...
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Welcome to the Depot
Your trip down memory lane starts here ...

"Turn on the radio, dear!
Let's listen to those old time wireless shows!"


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50+ hours of old time radio shows in mp3 format
can be stored on just a single CD and are playable
on your computer, DVD player or MP3 player.



  • OTR Depot has been redesigned and recoded.

  • All OTR series may be ordered as downloads

  • All OTR series may be ordered directly online via Paypal

  • No need to register with OTR Depot to take advantage of our special offers

  • Many bugs, bad links etc. have been fixed

  • The classic OTR Depot look has been retained but with enhanced accessibility

    We hope you will like the new website. If you have any comments or queries please email OTR Depot.

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    • PLEASE NOTE: If your total order comes to over $25 we will send you free bonus collections of MP3s!

    Great for the whole family on those long trips! Get everybody their own mp3 players with earphones and they can listen to any series they like in privacy and let the miles roll by peacefully!

    If you discover any links on this website that donít work, or if anything has frustrated you or needs improvement, please let us know by contacting us via our anonymous comments page or alternatively email OTR Depot with your suggestions.

    Please note: OTR Depot is a hobby site, not a business. We will send OTR series downloads to anyone who wishes to collect OTR series or who simply enjoys Old Time Radio. We do not sell the MP3s on this site because no one has the right to sell this material unless they legally own the intellectual copyright or have a legal license from the copyright holder. The fees we charge cover admin charges, PayPal fees, and help pay for additions to the collections as and when we can afford them.

    Additional note on copyright
    To the best of our knowledge the shows are in the public domain because they were never copyrighted or the copyrights have expired. We will remove any recording from this site that is shown to violate a copyright.

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